My car is limping, Dolores Haze,
And the last long lap is the hardest,
And I shall be dumped where the weed decays,
And the rest is rust and stardust.

Vladimir Nabokov | Lolita

Hi, my name is Nicola and I am from Dublin.  I decided to create this blog to both track the books I read and also to help others when choosing a book.  This blog is not only limited to books. I will also be sharing photography, music etc and personal posts too.

My plan for the blog in the not so distant future is to delve into mindfulness and some healthy food recipes.  So if you are looking for a lifestyle blog this might be the one for you.

I am a huge lover of animals and have recently transitioned from being vegetarian to vegan. I have documented my journey on Instagram so please drop by and say hi if you are on Instagram too. I can be reached at  @onegirlsveganjourney! My instragram account much like my blog covers a bit of everything.


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  1. Jeanie says:

    Bobby was a handsome little guy and I used to love your posts about him 😍 I love to read and am looking forward to reading your reviews and expanding my “books to read next” list. 😃

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    • Nicola Sarah says:

      Hi Jeanie

      Thanks for your lovely comment. Bobby was such a character. We were blessed to have him, even if it was only for a short time

      I hope you enjoy this blog as much as the last 😉 xx


    • Nicola | BookBunny says:

      Hi Lucy,

      Thank you so much for nominating me. I would love to do this challenge. I would love to do them ALL 🙂

      Now I just need to find the time. Lol. When my little lad goes back to school in a couple of weeks I should have plenty of time to catch up on things.

      Thanks again for thinking of me!

      Nicola xx

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    • Nicola | BookBunny says:

      Thank you so much for tagging me Alyssa. This looks like such a fun tag. I have a lot of tags to do at the moment so hopefully I will get round to them all. I appreciate you thinking of me xx


    • Nicola | BookBunny says:

      Thank you so much for tagging me. Erm … how do I put this …?

      I’m just going to have to come right out and say it. Iv never actually read Harry Potter !!!!!

      But I appreciate you thinking of me 🙂 xx


      • cwreads says:

        Oh my!! Well, that is totally okay. 🙂 The books are fantastic, and if you ever want to pick them up, you won’t regret it. ❤ Of course! I shall tag you another time to make up for it! 😀

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  2. Nicola | BookBunny says:

    Aww thank you. You are very thoughtful.

    My little boy is five so I’m sure it won’t be long before I will be hearing all about Harry Potter from him ( if he shows an interest that is)

    I saw the first movie years ago as my cousin who lives in London was an extra in it. It was a really exciting time.

    Thanks again for thinking of me xx

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  3. Lance Greenfield says:

    What a great introduction. I am happy to have found you.

    I also love reviewing books, and getting the value out of reading the diverse and contrary reviews of other people. I started reviewing every single book I read on Goodreads after I got caught up in the BBC’s RAW campaign. You had to write a review of a “Quick Read”, which they sent you for free in return for a review which could be read out by their presenter in 60 seconds. I counted the words as they spoke: 200-250 per minute on average. I refined my review of Blackwater by Conn Iggulden to 249 words. They never read it out!

    Weeks later, a producer called me from BBC Oxford and, short version of the story, they invited me in to the station to read my own review and to be interviewed about my reading habits. They even gave me an unexpected prize of a £50 book token! Since then, it’s taken off. They got me to review several books on air on the days that they were launched. That was fun.

    So, that’s a bit about me. Your blog looks like just my kind of thing.

    And I drink buckets of COFFEE, eat MARMITE on my toast and on my jacket potatoes, and I absolutely love TROPICAL RAIN. Cold, northern European rain is not so good, but I can appreciate it. Living in the tropics, I have been known to strip off and shower in a regular afternoon downpour. Much better than an indoor shower!

    Happy reading!

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    • Nicola | BookBunny says:

      Hi Lance,
      Thank you so much for dropping by and also for the follow. I feel very honoured 🙂

      Wow … what an interesting story about how you started book reviewing. I have to be honest, I really struggle to get my reviews under 8oo words !!!!!

      Any tips for shortening reviews without leaving out important info?
      I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂


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